March 1984 was a very cold month in Munich. People couldn't have long walks along the river, so during evenings they prefered to stay at home, perhaps listening to the radio the hit of its time "Jump" by Van Hallen to cheer them up a bit, drink and eat something nice and spend their time together. Nine months later I was born.

I am Betty Chatzisavvidou and I am the designer behind Monkey &Donkey. The studio is creating illustrative branding, illustrations for Mobile Apps and Children's Books, Infographics, Editorial, Corporate Communications & Products.

I started my design career in digital heritage and culture as a UI \UX designer, working with a range of cutting-edge technologies, including Augmented Reality. At the same point, I was an active member of the World Information Architecture Day (WIAD) organizing the Greek conference or spoke to conferences of other countries about IA, UX, UI and Agile.

As a freelancer, I jumped in the marketing field with my main area of design be cloud-based marketing automation and landing pages, email campaigns and adverts. While the last years I had the chance to collaborate with some of the most significant tech companies of Greece, as Workable and Atcom, I still enjoy ensuring that even smaller companies will communicate their vision and mission through visual design and branding.


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Betty Chatzisavvidou

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