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Some time ago, the marketing department of Workable needed a designer to take care of the title images for their blog articles. Workable is the most popular recruiting software, helping companies find and hire great people.

On their website, they have a great number of articles about various working issues. Monkey& Donkey had the task to illustrate the blog posts about Recruiting, Culture, People and Future of Work and we succeed to metaphorically transfer the meaning of the articles by means of illustration.

When Workable asked the studio to work on that they left a lot of place for creativity. So after getting the article as an early draft or a brief, analyzed the general message of the content and define the core, characters, elements, shapes and colours using on an allegorical way started giving an image as a first impression to the article that will follow.

Having always in mind that those allegories and symbolisms should be recognisable and understood by people from different countries and cultures (since Workable is well known in both sides of the Atlantic) as most articles from their copywriters are written for a broad international audience, we kept it simple and to the point. The result was that in less than a month the company had almost twenty images for twenty different articles. If you are interested in those articles too, you can find some starting here.

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