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Zeit Medical is a California based company that wants to revolutionize the way they conduct continuous brain health monitoring.

Patients at risk neurological/neurovascular disease and devastating events ( stroke, cerebral haemorrhages, seizures, dementia) could all benefit from continuous monitoring and alerting. It's all about empowering patients and their caregivers to take control of their disease and to get some peace of mind that if something bad happens the appropriate people will receive prompt and reliable alerts. This is critical for both 1) at-home applications e.g. when patients at risk for stroke live alone and 2) in hospital applications where patients in the ICU or in the OR might suffer from neurological events that are currently hard to detect in real-time. 

´╗┐Creative Direction: Another Circus
Art Direction: Eleni Katsiavou
Web Design: Eleni Katsiavou - Betty Chatzisavvidou
Illustrations: Monkey& Donkey
Project Manager:  Aris Michailidis

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